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Licensed Appearance and Tire Care products developed for a worldwide brand.

Complete solution for tire care and appearance.

MICHELIN® Premium Shine Tire Coating

Unlike other tire shine products, MICHELIN® Premium Shine Tire Coating contains a proprietary formula that adheres to the rubber therefore preventing messy drips and runs like competitive products.  The product will not sling off your tires and on to your paint finish.  It sprays on evenly and dries to a beautiful long lasting  shine.  Best of all, Michelin Premium Shine Tire Coating helps protect and condition your tires from harsh weather conditions.

MICHELIN® Wheel & Tire Cleaner

MICHELIN® Wheel & Tire Cleaner has been formulated to clean wheels and tires with a rich clinging scrubbing foam. Once applied you will see the scrubbing foam remove tough brake dust and built up road grime. Simply hose off to reveal a beautifully clean tire and shiny wheel. Best of all, Michelin Wheel & Tire Cleaner is safe for all types of wheels.

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