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Four Peaks® Glass Wipes

Use Four Peaks Ammonia Free Glass Wipes for a quick, easy window and glass cleaning. Wipe glass surfaces to remove road grime and film on glass. Four Peaks Glass Wipes are designed specifically for automotive use and contain an ammonia-free formula. Use on all windows, including factory tinted windows. Package is easy to store in your console, side door or glove box.

  • Convenient disposable wipes
  • Removes Road Grime, filmy residue, fingerprints, doggy slobber and more!
  • Designed Specifically For Auto Glass
  • Ammonia Free!
  • Easy Car Storage Packaging


To clean glass: Lay the wipe flat with hand on top. Using a left to right wiping pattern, overlapping each pass, continue wiping the entire area with one side of the wipe until contaminates are trapped in the sheet, flip wipe over to remove any remaining dirt, and buff to a crystal clear shine. Repeat as necessary. If you encounter any residue, do an additional pass with a clean wipe and continue wiping until glass is completely dry. For best result, use on cool, dry surfaces. Very hot or cold temperatures may affect performance.

Keep label/lid tightly closed when not in use to retain moisture.

WARNING: Use only as directed.  Not for personal care. 


DISPOSAL: Properly dispose of wipes in trash. DO NOT FLUSH DOWN TOILET.

CAUTION: Keep out of eyes. In case of eye contact, rinse eyes with plenty of water. If skin irritation develops discontinue use. Consult a physician if irritation continues for more than 72 hours. If swallowed, get medical attention or contact Poison Control Center.

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