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Home Care

Q: Can I use disinfecting wipes to clean my hands?
A: Disinfecting wipes are to be used on hard, non-porous surfaces only. The formula will not hurt your hands when using disinfecting wipes. However, we do recommend that you rinse your hands after use.

Q: Can I use disinfecting wipes to clean children's toys?
A: We do not recommend using disinfecting wipes on children's toys.

Q: What is the shelf life of disinfecting wipes?
A: Unopened: 12 months, Opened: 6 months.

Q: What do I do if Transparent Glass Wipes leave streaks?
A: Sometimes in different geographic climates, glass wipes may react differently to local conditions. If streaks occur during first application, then continue wiping the area with the same wipe until the streaks are gone.


Q: Can I use Four Peaks Glass Wipes on tinted windows?
A: Yes you can use our glass wipes on all factory and most after-market tint (test in a small inconspicuous area first). Our Glass Wipes do not contain ammonia.

Q: What is in the Four Peaks Cleaning Wipes?
A: Our cleaning wipes contain a surfactant (soap) that is safe for all car interiors.

Q: Can I use Four Peaks Cleaning Wipes on my car's painted surfaces?
A: Our Cleaning Wipes are not designed for use on painted surfaces. For cleaning painted surfaces we recommend that you use a quality car wash.

Q: Can I use Protectant Wipes on my leather seats?
A: We do not recommend using protectant wipes on leather as this product is specifically formulated for use on vinyl, rubber and plastic. Use our Leather Wipes on your leather seats as it contains a cleaner and conditioner to help keep your seats looking like new.


Q: My wipes accidentally dried out. Can I just add water to reactivate?
A: Adding water will not rejuvenate the wipes, only make them wet.

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