About GPMI CompanyBringing new and innovative products to the market since 1989

GPMI Company Office

» Since 1989, GPMI has experience supporting leading national brands of consumer products,
   plus experience in manufacturing and marketing value brands.

» GPMI has recently expanded capabilities, allowing us to offer more products and capabilities.
   Over 500,000+ square foot production area is now serving store brands, control brands and
   national brands.

» Proven track record partnering with key customers, increasing sales numbers,
   improving product offering and creatively responding to changing consumer demands.

» GPMI provides complete solutions with Product Development, Supply Chain and Logistics,
   Manufacturing, Engineering, and Quality Assurance.

» GPMI makes its products in cGMP and ISO compliant facilities, with Microbiology & Analytical Labs
   in house.

» We support our customers on a turnkey basis including in-house Graphic Design.

GPMI Products